Vola (The Palm Of The Hand)

It usually takes me a little while to get invested into something I’m writing. I can write snippets of something every now and again, but most likely nothing comes from any of it, but sometimes I get lucky. I’ve had this idea of writing a novella for a while now, but I never really knew how to start it or organize the idea because I’m usually not someone who has the urge to write something like a novella. Vola (The Palm Of The Hand) started out as something simple, a name. I simply liked the name of the project and then I ran with it from there, but as I kept running I discovered that sometimes you need something more than just a name you like and that’s when a few days ago happened. I had been running with a ton of ideas for the story for quite some time, but none fit well enough and then I just had this sudden interest in this new story and started writing out the first chapter. It ended up being something perfect for Vola. I know how this isn’t how things are traditionally written, but then I realize that I am anything but traditional.

I’ll hopefully be making frequent updates on the status of the novella as I work on it and I’ll try to keep it interesting without giving too much away. Let’s hope this becomes something more than just a name I like.

One thought on “Vola (The Palm Of The Hand)

  1. How exciting! Lol and who cares whether or not something is “traditionally” written or not? There are as many different methods as there are writers!

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