Write Angry; Post Calm

I don’t like being angry. It’s good to feel it every once in a while just to know that I can experience more than four emotions, but otherwise I don’t like being angry. I also don’t like to post anything online while I’m angry. I guess this is my own version of Ernest Hemingway’s “write drunk; edit sober” sentiment.

A lot of people talk without thinking about the potential impact of their words. Some people take that to the internet and will comment on someone’s status, video, tweet, article, or what-have-you with a response formed simply out of anger or another like emotion and I have failed to see an instance where it has ended well. I think the most basic solution is this: write angry; post calm. I have caught myself failing to do this many times. I’ll read an article or someone’s comment on said article and I’ll take out my Gatling Gun of Words and Anger and I’ll start shooting all over the place, but it’s never made me feel any better nor has it ever truly expressed my sentiments toward the situation in a presentable and logical manner. I always end up going back to reread what I’ve written days later to only think to myself how I could have better explained my frustration.

I’d like to improve on this and I’d very much like to pass along the torch to you all as well. Feel free to write down everything you’re feeling in that moment of pure anger, where you are completely livid, but then save it and put it away. Go back to it later when you’ve relaxed and see if your anger is justified and even if it is, that it’s properly expressed.

Write angry; post calm.

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